Project management

The people in the COMPAS group are systems engineers and project managers, whose goal is to ensure that our technical projects are well managed and deliver high-quality results. This aim is captured in our mission statement: "Helping projects succeed in an environment based on trust and transparency."

COMPAS systems engineers support the work of the project engineers by providing a structured framework for instrument development. They define the desired system characteristics and functionality and create the technical development plan and the testing programs.

The COMPAS project managers are dedicated to making each project a success by delivering the promised added value to the organisation. They interact with the engineers on a regular basis, connecting the various disciplines and keeping the overview on progress and budgets while ensuring efficient communication within the project team.

COMPAS strives for a professional project organisation where the engineers can focus on the technical challenges. We achieve this by continuously developing ourselves and improving our approaches to systems engineering and project management.

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Word from a staff member
Emanuela Orrù
Telescope scientist
During my studies, I realised that I wanted to work in radio astronomy. In my second year, I decided to focus on radio astronomy. My professor pointed out to me that ASTRON build a new radio telescope in the middle of Europe.
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